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The dragon that swam

In the seas of life

I used to have this idea that I could tell people who I was in my userinfo. The problem is, I've been changing and evolving and stuff. And I'm tired of having a userinfo that's grossly out of date.

Here are some highlights, though:
On LiveJournal and its uses.
Why I chose a username that not even I can pronounce. How I changed it, and why I changed it to nicked_metal.
Popeye, the greatly underestimated philosopher
Two poems that I wrote to a (now) ex-girlfriend.
The time I met an aboriginal elder.
25 Things I have achieved.
On reprogramming your own brain.
A generic post (self-parody).
Musings on being ENFP, and personality changes over time.
Vow of abstinence - a retrospective.
April 2004 - a year later.
A debate in nonfluffypagans about the validity of believing oneself to be a dragon.
Ultimate freedom.
I wanted to be a bookmaker when I grew up.
How abuse works, and why people get addicted to being abused.
When relationships end because of communication failures.
Being oppressed is not a license to go around treating other people like shit.

That ought to do it for highlights at the moment. But the FAQ tag is probably worth a visit.

On my friends list: No, I don't read all of them. I use filters. Occasionally, I don't use filters, and I rearrange my filters. I do my best not to add anybody to my friends list, but I tend to add people who are related to whatever I'm currently interested in. Then I filter them out. Then I filter them back in. They're all cool people, one way or another. There are also huge numbers of cool people not on my friends list - and the people in my friends-of list tend to be very cool. (If nothing else, they have excellent taste.) I used to read livejournal for 4 or 5 hours a day. I don't anymore, and that's where this problem came from.

Why I don't (usually) cut for length: I have some very long-winded people on my flist. I don't mind holding down the 'scroll down' button. Opening new windows so that I can read what's behind an lj-cut I do mind, because I have a tendency to have five windows open anyway, and adding to that just makes things worse. Yes, I have Firefox now and it's less of a problem. No, I don't think that people should discriminate against Internet Exploiter users by saying "You would do it my way and be happy if you used Firefox." Lj-cuts are for graphics, memes, spoilers and triggers. It's not because I don't know how, and it's not me being inconsiderate, it's me having a different set of priorities.


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